William’s Mother

Deborah, thank you so much for your work with William, we’re really pleased it went so well and what we can all hear the results already – and he really enjoyed the sessions and absolutely loved you! It goes without saying that I’d recommend you to anyone who is looking for a speech therapist.

Mrs Webster

My daughter received 6 Speech Therapy sessions with Deborah, and by the end of these sessions the turn around in her speech was clearly evident to everyone. Deborah’s techniques were not only easy for myself to follow at home but most importantly my daughter found the sessions so much fun, enjoying every session and looking forward to them each time. Deborah has a very kind and wonderful presence with children which made my daughter take an instant shine and bond to her.

I am extremely pleased with the results and feel that the sessions were worth every penny. I also feel that with my daughters improved speech she is more confident in speaking openly at school etc as it has contributed to helping with her shyness. Wise Words comes highly recommended! Thank you so much, my daughter will miss you!

Ms Clifton

From a young age my daughter, who is 3, always had lots to say and has spoken very clearly. Then all of a sudden she developed a stammer which was very worrying for us. Initially we took her to the doctor who referred us to see an NHS Speech Therapist but I wasn’t happy with the outcome or the service they provided. So I decided to look online for private speech therapists, which is when I came along Deborah. On her first visit she did an assessment of my daughters speech. She was so lovely, she made me feel at ease straight away, my daughter loved her too. She recommended doing a 6 week course of Palin PCI Home Programme. Each week Deborah would come round and give me tasks to do with my daughter to work on her speech. Within 3 weeks the transformation with my daughter’s speech was AMAZING! 4 months later and her speech is still perfect. Deborah is absolutely amazing at what she does. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done. I highly recommend her to anyone requiring a Speech Therapist!

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!!!

James’ Mother

My son had 18 sessions with Deborah. He always looked forward to seeing her as for him it was a lovely play time! He was delayed on his speech. Deborah initially assessed him, created a personalised plan and worked with him during a few months. He improved MASSIVELY; everybody noticed the difference including his teachers from nursery! Deborah is amazing, friendly and flexible as in able to accommodate our busy schedule of full time working parents.

Thank you Deborah, James misses you!

Chase’s Mother

Deborah has been working with my 4 year old autistic son for two years. He has made a vast improvement from not being able to communicate at all to being able to voice his needs and his understanding of the world. His imaginative play as well as his turn taking has greatly improved and we couldn’t be more grateful for all Deborah’s hard work and time spent with our son.

I started sessions with Jaimi

I started sessions with Jaimi about a year ago. My son J was 3 and his language only consisted of six individual words. Apart from this he is a happy healthy confident little boy.

I was nervous and anxious about the 1st meeting. Jaimi was very friendly upon meeting her for the 1st time, instantly my anxiety vanished.

The 1st thing I noticed about Jaimi was that J responded to her straight away. She was strong and firm in her instructions. I was amazed that he had never met her, but he was listening to her and did what she asked. He does not always respond to people. Jaimi was friendly but firm. He liked that.

When J started his sessions. He would not copy/imitate sounds or signs. A year on the change has been amazing. He slowly but surely started copying the actions Jaimi was showing him. Then he started making more noise. Trying to copy her words. He definitely get more vocal. He copies actions and words a lot more now. It is tiring and repetitive, but I can see he is slowly improving.

J has very delayed speech for his age, but I can see a huge difference in him in the last year.

He has learnt to use PECS with Jaimi and then this was incorporated at Nursery. He uses PECS confidently to request things.

J looks forward to his sessions with Jaimi. Jaimi works well with him around his stubbornness, his unwillingness to work as he wants to just play. She persists with his behaviour until he does what is required.

Jaimi is a great speech assistant and understands children and their language needs. She has undoubtedly helped J in ways I could not. She always gave advice as to what I should /should not be doing at the end of every session. I learnt a lot from just sitting in and watching her work.

Jodh's mum

Zakaria’s mother

“My son’s case was a peculiar one. He did exhibit some speech and language delay but this was mostly in a social environment. I found Deborah through searching for local speech therapists on the internet.
Deborah did an initial assessment at home. She took her time, there was no rush job or clock watching. She was kind and caring, made me and my son feel at ease. Following the assessment Deborah provided a report and recommendations to support my son with his language skills. Putting the recommendations into action helped to improve my son’s speech.
To help with my son’s social interaction in his preschool, Deborah came and did an observation and spoke to the teachers to get a better understanding of his behaviour in social setting. Deborah formulated a plan for the preschool to follow. The teachers commented on Deborah’s professionalism and her subject knowledge.
I booked Deborah for block sessions. She was always punctual. My son really enjoyed the sessions especially the goodie bags of toys she brought with her.
I appreciated Deborah’s honesty half way through the block sessions when she said my son was doing really well and doesn’t need all sessions. Deborah only invoiced for the sessions I used although I was obligated to pay for all the sessions.
What shone through for me about Deborah apart from her professionalism and subject knowledge was her honesty and her caring nature.
I would highly recommend Deborah for anyone looking for a speech therapist”.

A’s mother

“On behalf of myself and my 2 year old daughter, I have nothing but great things to say about Wise Words. Our therapist, Chris, is warm and friendly which really helps my daughter to engage with her. After only a couple of months I am already seeing good progress, which is all down to the care and attention Chris puts into our sessions.”

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